May 14, 2012

Catching legendaries in Pkmn rumble blast

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
There are a few ways to catch a legendary in Pokemon rumble blast.

  1. The first way to get a legendary is to put in a password(from the previous post)and go to the area
  2. The next way is to go to an area like axle town cave and Entei there in other places but mostly axle town bx2
  3.  The last way is after finishing the game and go to any are there is a 5% chance of finding a legendary at the boss part, it took 3 times in one place to find verizion yet it took me 33 times to find reshiram 

Pkmn rumble blase completion

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
I have just completed my pokemon rumble blast and now i would like to share information to you(point at you)
first i will post all of the passwords for the game, go to munna in easterly town and put the in.
Here's the password, pokemon and its power:
  • 7746-3878 Pikachu 812
  • 3535-6928 Gallade 1355
  • 7403-2240 Oshawott 651+
  • 0250-7321 Tornadus 934
  • 9625-7845 Gliscor 1487
  • 6699-8898 Victini 444
  • 2153-6742 Zoroark 1172+
  • 0176-1458 Audino 2102
  • 3402-6485 Dialga 2192+
  • 0835-7338 Snivy 566
  • 2061-8332 Tepig 480
  • 8819-8699 Thundurus 1086
  • 0442-4822 Lugia 2225
  • 4713-9936 Unfezant Female 2145
  • 6482-3610 Stunfisk 2083
  • 7111-4427 Serperior 2094
  • 5662-7748 Emboar 2094
  • 2452-2129 Samurott 2102
  • 0681-1611 Groudon 2184
  • 1959-4010 Garchomp 2138
  • 2159-4650 Eelektross 2135
  • 2364-4610 Articuno 2144
  • 1675-4459 Zapdos 2181
  • 8714-7361 Moltres 2155
Note:The ones with a lot of power can only be used after completing the game

May 13, 2012

Pokemon of the week

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
The pokemon of the week is...

Pokemon #203 Girafarig the long neck pokemon
This pokemon learns alot of physical moves but its highest stat is Sp.attack. Since it has a tail that is kinda creepy that makes it be able to learn moves like crunch or astonish.I don't have mush info about this pokemon so why don't you try it out for yourself'

May 9, 2012

May 8, 2012

Darkrai event is here

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
The Darkrai event has come a day early so go get yours today here are the steps.

  1. Enter you black or white game into your Ds, Ds lite, Dsi, DsiXl, Or 3ds.
  2. Click on game(of course)
  3. Go to the start up screen and press mystery gift
  4. Next click Receive Gift
  5. When it says "the communication channel must be opened to receive mystery gifts." press yes
  6. Next click get via Nintendo WFC
  7. Then connect to wifi
  8. Click on "Its Darkrai" to get Darkrai
  9. Get Darkrai(you haven't actually got him yet but i mean he belongs to your now) 
  10. Go in your game to the pokemon center and make sure you have one free space in your party.
  11. Go to a mailman in the pokemon center(hes in a blue uniform)and talk to him
  12. Next get Darkrai and train him hard

May 3, 2012

Epic picture

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....

Pokemon of the week

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
The pokemon of the week is...

Pokemon #491 Darkrai the Pitch-black pokemon
I know i might have already done Darkrai but since the event is coming soon i want to give you guys some tips about how to use him. When i use my old Darkrai i would teach him Dark void(special), Dream Eater, Nightmare, and Dark Pulse. As you can see three of the moves are related to sleep, first you put them to sleep and them you use nightmare to hurt them every turn , also the ability bad dreams also kicks into effect, next use dream eater to heal and hurt. I put dark pulse in because if the pokemon is awake or has the ability Insomnia(Prevents the Pokémon from falling asleep.) to defeat the foe's pokemon but you can substitute dark pulse with any thing you want.

Click the picture for darkrai's dex entry

Apr 27, 2012

Darkrai event coming soon

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
Pokémon Black & White: Mewtwo WiFi Event
On Wednesday May 9th there is an event coming to the USA and other places right now i don't know the moves and abilities of Darkrai but on May 9th i will update you.

until the next time...............

Apr 22, 2012

Welcome to 'Poke'n-form today i will talk about....
The pokemon of the of the week is.....

Pokemon #286 Breloom the Mushroom pokemon pokemon
I just got a Breloom yesterday(April 21st 2012) and it is a pokemon that levels up really fast. I gave him an exp. share when it was level one and a Shroomish. I battle Shauntal and when i was done it was over lv 30. if you give it a heart scale it can learn lots of fighting type moves, the last move it learns is dynamicpunch

Apr 14, 2012

Black and White 2 Trailer & information

In the new game coming it is 2 years after bw and half of unova is frozen

as you see in picture 2 the guy with the blue hair is the rival and the two kids with the brown hair are the trainers . This region looks alot different and some pokemon from the other regions have come to Unova and become apart of the main poke-dex like Metagross is #254. For alot more information  go to

BTW if you wanna watch the black and white 2 preview go to serebii